Would you think you’re better off alone
Trample foreign streets with no home
See the world, jungles, Tundras, Rivers
Mountains made of stone

Is it wrong to dream?
Is it wrong to live it on a whim?
There’s nothing that can stop you in your journey
Can you be your own attorney
For those who judge

Fresh air, city light, blues
Candy popping delights
Scenery untold
A view that only can unfold

What are you waiting for! Go on!
Live your life until your gone.

Old Views

I’m holding onto my old world view
But the changes are striking it like thunder from heaven
I’m holding onto the past
As wind blows it away so fast

Wind carry me away
To places I’ve never seen in the light of day
Life lead me astray
Let me see the world within its colours of grey

Bring me back today
To correct all the mistakes I made

Space to Breathe

Can you feel warm
From the candle burning
Do you feel the calm
Slowly overturning
My mind
Giving me space to breathe

Grudges slowly fading, burning
Images clearing up
Can you see the pages turning
As I put the empty cup
Now I can finally

Falling In Love

And then I felt my breath taken away
Was it this evening
Or the breeze, that blew my way
Hair untied and scattered around
Flowing into the direction of a mysterious sound
A sound that touches the heart
The deepest and sincerest part
A hum that made me tear up

She was standing there
Catching my glance with care
As I fell in love all over again.

Hearts Apart

It feels like two hearts apart
Looking for a destined shard
One that would fill the emptiness inside
Since there is no one beside

Can the never ending sun rays
Warm my heart in all the ways
Can the sand run through my hand
Without touching the wound under the band

Can the never ending cold
Run shivers over your skin
Can the grey skies separate apart
So that my sunshine would reach your heart

There will be a day for return
There will be a day for tears
Reunion, hope and disappearing fears

Can we stand together as we move through the world
As I hold you in my embrace.

A Colourful Misty World

I’d like to make myself believe
That there is a door where I could leave
Into worlds unexplored
Where all creatures are adored

Could I fly into my mind
And create a new kind
Of beings never seen
Where gravitation lifts the scene

Let us disassociate from this reality
And embrace all abnormality
Sink into our minds
Explore the universes that are one of a kind

Midnight Day

Can he be the evening moon so bright
Leaning forward when it’s night
Leaning backward when the sun’s in sight
Could he stair straight into the sky
And loom over the crossing time
Is this world from beyond
The depths of a crystal pond.

Misty Night

I have spent too many nights apart
From my brain and broken heart
Could I sway my thoughts today
While they fall in dismay

Through the darkness we all pass
Halls so deep and tunnels vast
Racing minds and shooting thoughts
Darkness shrouds and tunnel rots

Can the world bind our desire
To the things that we aspire
Knowing love, hate and sorrow
Should we stay or should we wallow
In the glory of our mind.